Lost in Translation – The meaning of douche

I recently broke my collarbone and wrote on facebook as way of explanation that I collided with a douche and fell down.

My Greek friends read that and thought I meant this:


And were confused with what I collided. One of my friends had the theory that apparently was circulating with my friends that I had some kind of electrical water system that fell off and hit me.

Let me clarify I meant something else. A douche is slang  to describe an individual who has shown themselves to be very brainless in one way or another (as per the urban dictionary). You can find out the etymology there… we’re a G rated site here.

No accidents in bathrooms happened. I was biking and some douche hit me on a blind left turn. That douche wrecked my season and is going to cause me to skip IM70.3 in Tahoe as well as partially ruining my summer vacation.

If I could I would scream at that douche at the top of my lungs and tell him to pay more attention.

Although he *might* politely point out that if you only a *douche* would do a wide left turn and not look to his left as he re-entered traffic to make sure that there was no one coming…

It takes one to know I one, I say…

Back on the saddle and son wants to play hockey


I just finished a 1:30 minute brick workout (bike + run). And my son had just gotten his new hockey gear.

All I wanted to do was sit down, all he wanted to do was skate.

We skated.

And skated.

And skated some more.

I was – possibly – the worst hockey player of all time. Nicholas is fast approaching the point where I am not good enough to play.

And therefore, in spite of the pain, I played because sooner than I like he won’t want to play with me…