Week 54 – Hunger, Training and Failure to Lose Weight

If you’re from San Francisco you know about the all great and powerful Panda.


Pedro Sandoval, a great first baseman, has struggled with his weight.

One year he’s at the top of the world, the next year he’s so slow molasses can roll up hill faster than he can waddle from home to first.

Life just sucks.

And you look at this guy, and you think how much money he has riding on his body, that you think: Dude, lose some fucking weight, c’mon.

So he gets himself some professional help and he loses some weight, but then puts it right back on.

Because it turns out losing weight and being an athlete, even an amature one is hard.

Cry me a river, I suppose.


(cry me a river by alan rutherford).

This week was a pain in the ass. You don’t eat enough and you get so hungry so fast and so irritable that your co-workers think they are in a Hitler parody with you as Hitler and them as the Nazi high command. You eat too much and you’re not losing weight.

It’s a frigging fine line. And if you are a professional athlete, if you don’t eat enough and don’t perform well enough you lose your job, I just fail to complete my events.This makes your body feel like a frigging machine with no dial telling you how much gas it needs.

I worry that I am like an alcoholic to everyone, except my drink of choice is kale. And people who eat Kale are a lot less fun.

So anyways, this week was not a success. We didn’t gain any weight, but we didn’t lose any weight. And we had to write one “I am sorry for my flame” email…

And without further ado here’s the weight graph… to make this fun try and guess on which day I was most likely to have killed someone …2014-01-20_1521

If you guessed the 18th of the January you win 🙂


Let’s be more disciplined this week.


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