The Half-Assing of the Bike Training

The last couple of years, I’ve been mostly focused on finishing my triathlons instead of doing better. This year, I want to go faster.

Going faster means doing everything you did, just better. And unlike when I was 15 years old, time is working against me. Every year gets harder… not easier.

One of the areas ripe for improvement was my bike training. Bike training is boring. And I hated sitting in the garage endlessly pedaling.

And I wasn’t trying really hard. And you can see that from the average heart rate that was almost always routinely below the minimum target range.

Oh the excuses I invented:

  1. My legs hurt too much
  2. It’s too hard
  3. I don’t like this! WAAAAAAAAH!
  4. I need to pedal at 90 RPM and I can only do it at this more comfortable gearing that feels nicer!

This year, I chose to do something about it. And last night I did my first long bike ride where I chose to not half ass anything.

The pain. The excruciating pain. Oh the pain!

All of these years, I wondered why is biking so much easier than running? And the answer, much like the mystery of my weight loss, was hidden in plain site: because I push a lot harder when I run.

Back on the saddle and son wants to play hockey


I just finished a 1:30 minute brick workout (bike + run). And my son had just gotten his new hockey gear.

All I wanted to do was sit down, all he wanted to do was skate.

We skated.

And skated.

And skated some more.

I was – possibly – the worst hockey player of all time. Nicholas is fast approaching the point where I am not good enough to play.

And therefore, in spite of the pain, I played because sooner than I like he won’t want to play with me…

Christmas Baggage

Skiing, drinking and partaking in overeating have their consequences. I had a great Christmas Eve dinner at my friend Marcin’s and his family and then followed it up with a great Christmas Day Dinner at my house.

Two wonderful meals.



And might I add that if I don’t beat my time because I was off by 4 pounds, it was a fantastic four pounds of melomakarona, applie pie, cake, prime rib, sweet potatoes, and Lord knows what else!


And so it begins

The past couple of years I have tried to get ready for an Ironman. And this blog was devoted to the endless training that was required. There was a theory I would eventually get it done.

Except I haven’t.

I have an admission to make. In life you can do the following three things:

  1. Family
  2. Work
  3. Ironman

But in my life I only get to pick 2 of 3. And I love this kid and his mom


And my master plan to become independently wealthy didn’t quite pan-out :-)

Part of the reason this blog has suffered is because – well – it was a hard to admit to myself that this was a multi-year plan that got derailed.


At the end of the day, my goal in life is to do an Ironman, and when I see 70+ year old men doing Ironman, I think – okay – I can do this. I am not saying no forever, just for the moment.

And so


a NEW IT begins…

With that reality staring me in the face, for the moment, I will stick to training for 70.3’s. Maybe when Nicholas is older, maybe when my professional life is less complicated or if I ever solve that need to work thing…

In the meantime, my goal is to get a lot faster in the 70.3. Turns out learning to go faster is almost as an insane a challenge as trying to go longer.

And to go faster I have to lose MOAR weight. My thinking is I need to get below 175… Or lose as much weight this year as I lost last year! EEP!

Without further a-do here’s the current weight situation


You’ll notice upwardly sloping curve in November. This coincides with my marathon. I went to Greece and ate MOAR food. And then after the race was over, I was like – WHY STOP NOW!!!!

Early December, I kept gaining weight and I was like – I like this fatter chubbier less sexy me… And then the scale tipped over 200 pounds and I was like – NOOOOOO

And so in early December, I decided the curve had to move in the right direction. This has meant starting my training for 70.3 in Hawaii early and not eating as much.

One funny thing is that pre-marathon I didn’t lose or gain weight. And I have discovered that I was eating all-the-time. I mean literally all of the time. Going back to losing weight has made me appreciate how much food I was consuming…