Triathlete freak out 

Yesterday, I got an email from fedex indicating that they were shipping my bike to my house.

Given that I want to be in St Croix this is a problem.

Being a triathlete who is tapering I started to come up with contingency plans

1) I will buy a new bike box from Amazon and pack my other bike if the preferred bike doesn’t show up in time to take it on the plane.

2) if the preferred bike arrives on time, I will then return the Amazon box!

And then I realized I was running out of time, to buy the box. 

And then I behaved like a recently jilted lover – I called the transport company and left them a voice message multiple times. And sent them an email. And then started to pace frantically. I missed a meeting because I was freaking out…

Before I actively started to break things, the transport company called … And the poor woman who called apparently was dealing with freaked out triathletes all morning.

Hazard pay.