Week 60 – The end of the burger

Last weekend my family and our in-laws went to Lake Tahoe to go skiing.

The skiing was awesome.

One of the key parts of the ski trip, in my mind, is the food at Ikeda’s.

For those in the know, Ikeda’s makes the worlds most awesome greasy burgers on the planet. Great meat, great ingredients, a large dollop of grease and you have heavenly food.

Except …

Well it turns out that all of the healthy eating I have been engaged in has destroyed my ability to successfully digest an Ikeda’s mushroom burger.


I ate the damn thing and puked my guts out.

It turns out that your stomach produces the bacteria that you are most likely to require to digest food. When you abruptly change your diet, your stomach has to work extra hard to digest food and that causes bloating, stomach pains etc.

And in my case, vomit.

So not only has this training made it impossible to enjoy cookies, I can’t enjoy a damn burger at Ikeda’s.

Damn you.

And here’s my weight chart.


Good progress.


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