Week 57 – Sick days

The last week was a bit of mess. This is me today, and I don’t look so good…


Last weekend I got sick. And although I thought I had recovered, the reality was that my calorie deprivation let me a mess. My brain was functioning at about 20% efficiency, and my body was about 30%.

As someone whose job it is to think, watching your brain just shut down because of a shortage of calories is disturbing.

By Wednesday I was fine, my brain was back to normal, my fitness was normal, just in time for me to get a cold. On Thursday, I tried really really hard to fight the cold and did my workout. But Friday I had to admit defeat. On Saturday, I was so defeated that I took some DayQuil.

Today I am feeling good. Not good enough to train, but good enough to think that tomorrow I can start training.

And now for my weekly weight update:


The good new is that we are still on track. The goal was to lose about a pound a week, and we’re still doing that. Last week I was at 215ish pounds, this week I am at 214ish pounds. At the current rate I should get to 195 before my half-ironman…


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