Week 56 – Food Poisoning and the Triathlete



One of the constant themes of triathlon training is food. You’re either eating too much, too little or not enough of the right stuff.

This week was an up week. I had my first week of three days with two workouts per day. This is 9 workouts in a week.

Thursday night, I had a 2:15 minute bike ride and was so tired my legs hurt while I was sleeping. For some reason, I decided to have a snack.

Unfortunately the snack contained some food that was spoiled.

The next morning I woke up feeling like shit. But because I had slept so poorly, I assumed it was my sleep. And it would just pass.


Later in the day I puked. And then came home and puked again. And again.

But that’s the easy part. The problem with Triathlon training is that you are always on the very bleeding edge of desperately hungry. When you’re healthy this manifests itself as a continuous urge to eat. When your stomach feels like crap, this manifests itself as a basic shutdown of your entire body. There are no calories in the blood, no calories entering the mouth so your body decides to shut down.


This is what I looked like Friday night.

The good news is that by Saturday evening I was fine. And was once again looking around the house for food to eat.

And your weekly weight chart:


Yes, I weighed in at 214.5 … But that’s what happens when every ounce of liquid or food in your body ends up in the toilet from the wrong side.




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