Week 56 – Rough week

This week was rough.


We got a new puppy, the exercise regime got ramped, I had an offsite and I almost got sick.

The puppy is a cut 8 week old labrador named Kipling (after the author). He’s black and he’s a darling. I am soooo in love.

Unfortunately, the puppy his first night at my house decided to whine all night long. As a result I got a very poor night sleep. Slather poor sleep, extra workout and not eating enough and you have illness.

The illness didn’t stop me from trying to do my workout but … Man almost puking in the pool wasn’t fun.

Fortunately, I got over my illness pretty quickly. A lot of sleep was the key. And I mean a lot.

The crescendo of misery ended this weekend with the Superbowl. Watching Seattle destroy the Broncos was frustrating. I know the 49ers could have beaten Peyton. Sigh.

Like every good triathlete, after drinking some beer and some booze, eating my wife’s amazing food I went for a swim.

Turns out that a swim on booze and food is slower than when you don’t imbibe booze… Funny that. Last week same workout took 40 minutes, this week 45…

The week’s over. No more illness. No more binge eating. Only 9 workouts.

What? 9 workouts? This is insane…

Here’s the weight data:



Good news is that week over week we lost a pound, and over the last four weeks we’ve dropped four pounds. Progress!!!!!

The downside is that we still have moments of overeating. I really need to get a handle on the binge food eating. It’s killing my weight loss program.


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