Week 55 – The Hips




About a year ago, I discovered the importance of the use of hips. 

You needed to have the flexibility to rotate your core so that the force of the rotation would propel you forward.

So if you could imagine the smoothest nut going over the smoothest bolt that should give you an image of what your hips could feel like.

Mine feel like this:


A rusted, broken down, nut on a screw that can’t be moved without breaking it.

40 years of inattention, sitting at a computer, and biking have left me with what I believe are microscopic hip flexors.

And the weight graph

This week we made some progress. 2014-01-31_0747

Notice the dark blue trend line, we are down one pound week over week, and two pounds since the start of the training.

What’s interesting is a pattern has started to emerge. On Thursday and Friday I tend to drop down because of my long bike and run, while on Saturday and Sunday the weight goes up because of my rest day.



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