Week 28 – A summary

On Sunday I am doing my first Olympic Triathlon, and my first triathlon period. And I thought this a good moment to stop and take stock of what I have done over the last year.

I’ve biked for 72 hours, swam for 36, and run for 87. In other words, I have exercised non-stop for more than one week.

Or put differently:

  • I’ve covered more than half the distance to Chicago from San Francisco (1040 of the 1857 miles)
  • I’ve swam a quarter of the distance from Athens to Santorini
  • And I’ve ran to tahoe and back.

In terms of improvements in fitness

  • I’ve gone from being able to barely bike for an hour at 11 miles an hour to biking for 2+ hours at 15+ miles an hour
  • I’ve gone from being barely able to bike with my son in his carrier at 11 miles an hour for an hour, to biking at 12+ miles an hour a much larger child for an hour and 15 minutes…
  • And in terms of swimming I’ve gone from doing 500 yards in 10:30 seconds, in a full on sprint to being able to do 1500 yards, where each 500 yards was less than 10:30…

And in terms of body size, I’ve dropped 20 pounds of fat and put on five pounds of lean muscle mass.

And all of that visually got me from here:

To here… 225410_10151585873235337_1529140840_n

Pretty Crazy Transformation?









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