Week 22 – Junior Triathlete

I’ve been doing a lot of training. A lot. And a lot of it happens on a bicycle hooked up to a trainer.

The green thing is the trainer, the orange thing is a power supply that I use to plug in my computer so I can watch some video or plug in the baby monitor when I bike while he is sleeping and the book is used to balance the bike.

Last week my wife found my son sitting on his tricycle and biking in place. She also noticed that he had moved the power supply close to him.

When asked what he was doing , he said: I am biking like daddy. When I cam home, he quickly started his work out again:

Later that evening, Nicholas took it to the next level.

First he worked to get the tricycle setup correctly in the trainer (notice the book). And then he went on his long bike ride.

The good news is that we got the bike training down pat, but I am a little bit concerned about his transitions…

Maybe next year we sign up for the Silicon Valley Kid Triathlon?

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