Week 21 – Reflections a third of the way in

Two months before my first Olympic Triathlon, and almost 60 weeks before my first Iron Man, I thought it might be time for some reflections on progress towards my goals.

So if the goal is the summit of Everest.

I think I finally made it to SFO…


My flight has not yet left for  Nepal.


And have a long way to get to base camp…


Before I make it to the summit

So let’s look at the plan…

  1. Bike 112 miles averaging more than 15 miles an hour… I have only been able to sustain a greater than 15 mile pace once in my life and that was for 1 hour… Today I can’t bike 10 miles an hour the day after my long runs…
  2. Swim faster than I normally swim for longer than I have ever swam
  3. Re-learn how to swim … My swimming technique is about 20+ years out of date.
  4. Do a marathon after 1 and 2
  5. Fix my cadence.
  6. Lose a lot of weight because there is this calorie consumption problem…

And where are we now

  1. Was able to finish 30 miles at a 16.5 mile an hour pace. Still not good enough, but tremendous progress. 
  2. Well I was looking at my swimming splits before I started training, and I am now doing 2:20/100m vs 2:44/100m so definitely progress there.
  3. I am killing it on my technique. Went from 16-17 strokes per length to 11-12 over 25 meters. Still a way to go…
  4. Haven’t lost much speed.
  5. Not quite there, but now was able to sustain 88 pedals per minute over 2:30
  6. Have lost 13 of the many pounds I have to lose.



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