(Half) Ironman Hawaii 70.3 – A photo gallery

Here I am crossing the swim finish line. 1058_004519Such determination, such focus



And here is the happy cyclist, thinking he had a nice leisurely flat… because there is no uphill … Just as he enters the zone of despair.




And here we are truly in the zone of despair, with no smile, no hang loose, nothing… Just grim reality setting in…


Notice the trim fit triathlete coming back down the hill in the background…


Here I am somewhere in the middle of the run. Still going strong, still feeling like I was in control.



This is just before the final sprint down the finish line… I look old. Very Old. Very Very Very Old.


And here I am across the finish line. I don’t know what I look like. Gone is the determination of the swim, the joy of the bike, the feeling that I was going strong… I am not sure what is left here that is cross this finish line.

Very little probably.






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