Hacking is tougher on your body than Ironman Training

A lot of my friends wonder why do I do an Ironman? All of that exercise, that training doesn’t it hurt? Isn’t it rough on your body?

This past year, for reasons out-of-my control, I went through a 4 month period where I was hardly working. Re-orgs, layoffs, etc.

As a result I wasn’t really working … But I was training a lot.

In February I got an awesome job at VMware doing stuff I love.

And so I started working long hours, sitting in front of a computer hacking code, learning about internal systems, etc.

And my body fell apart. My arms, shoulder, neck, and legs went numb because I was sitting down for 8 hours straight.

In three years of training, I have never thought I needed to go to the doctor. After two weeks of work, I had scheduled an appointment.

Ironman training, is tough but I have never been as much as a wreck as I was after just two weeks of being back on the job.


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