Week 86: The need for sleep

The last two weeks have been brutal. Back-to-back 2:30 hour runs. Mind you my coach was wondering if I could turn one of those into a 3:30 run. My personal life was like nooooo…

One of the big things I did this week was run on a trail. And man running on a trail in the middle of the blistering hot day is hard.

First of all your speed is noticeably slower when you are running on loose gravel than when running on cement.

Secondly, you’re going slower because of your of fear of slipping.

Thirdly, you have this feeling that if I die here, will anyone know or care and that makes you even more cautious..

I’ve stopped updating my weight. Nothing really nefarious going on. Just I haven’t been losing weight. And to be honest, not really trying anymore. With the Athens Marathon only a month away, the weight is what it is. Losing weight now would be a mistake. Need to make sure I don’t gain any.

Booze and Trainning

Last weekend I got drunk celebrating my tenth year wedding anniversary. And the next day the training was rough… Very rough. I once again had to remember that I am not 20…


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