Week 85 – Rest

Spend enough time reading about the key to training and you’ll read about Rest.

How rest is important.

How it’s all about rest.

Rest, rest I tell you.

The key to getting into peak fitness is recovery.


When you start training the idea that you would need to be told to stop is … well absurd. After all my secondĀ post was about how thankful I was for a rest day.

This past week I have been supposed to be resting. Unfortunately because of a rather nasty data corruption bug, I have been unable to sleep. And by the end of the week I was exhausted. I could barely move. And I told my coach who said:

You need to rest. You are not going swimming today, tomorrow’s workout is being reduced you need to rest and be ready for the back-to-back long runs.

So I went to sleep for 9 hours, and was feeling great, and told my coach that I was feeling fine, and he said:

All the same, it’s important to be recovered after your “recovery week” and before heading into this next block of training. Erring on the side of some extra rest will allow you to come back strong for the end of this week’s long runs.

And then I realized I was reading one of those articles… and I was that athlete who didn’t want to rest, because well exercise is sooooooooo much more fun…

Two years into training … and I am a different person. And damn resting is booooooooooooooring.

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