Week 80 – Long sleep and updates

First updates… unfortunately life has once again intervened pushing out my ironman, AGAIN! That’s okay. Opportunity to do more half-ironmen. And remember the purpose isn’t to get to Ithaka, the point is to get there when you have accumulated the wisdom and experiences of a lifetime.

One of the indirect consequences of this inability to get an Ironman done, is for me to refocus my thinking on whether my long term 20 year goal should be to finish 150 marathons… Marathons have the nice property that they require less training and less equipment …

On Friday (Aug 8, 2014), I went for my first long run after my return from Greece.

And I learned something that it is, indeed, possible to go running and fall asleep while running.

This was shocking.

I had no idea this was possible. To be so sleepy that you find yourself wanting to just curl up on the ground and sleep… Worse you’re so sleepy that you can’t see straight or run straight.

I figured that if you’re that sleepy you shouldn’t be able to run period.

Maybe you aren’t … Maybe it was a sick dream.

The first three miles were surreal. My running partner,


basically dragged me around the neighborhood.



Figuring my diminished capacity was unsafe with my dog, I decided to finish the run solo.

Unfortunately, that’s when I discovered the dry heaves.


Turns out when you are that sleepy you can only go so fast. Every time I tried to pick up the pace I stopped on the side and executed the dry heave maneuver. Fortunately it was late at night and no one saw that. Really.

Because I am that obsessive triathlete, instead of just stopping, I pushed on some more.


The problem then was that the slower pace was just simply not comfortable. And yes I managed to re-tweak my calf! Ice-packs here I come!

Finally reaching my house, took a shower and crawled into bed. I do not remember the part about crawling into bed. I am just certain it happened because I woke up there.

My wife is an amazing tolerant person.




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