Week 70 – Back on the saddle

It’s been a long month of no updates.

Over the last four weeks:

Week 67 – managed to bonk while running

Week 68 – go to Hawaii

Week 69 – do a hard week of exercise and reflect on the end of the journey

Week 70 – do a hard week of exercise

Unfortunately I also managed to flat-line my weight loss. There are two distinct possibilities, the first is that my scale stopped working and I ate a lot. The second is that I stopped posting to this blog.

To support theory #1, we have the visual evidence from Hawaii, and the Bachelor Party in Vegas where we ate at Joel Robuchon’s restaurant. We also have the broken scale providing further evidence that the Internet of Things Sucks.

To support theory #2, we have my amazing intuition that has worked so well in the past!

I’ll go with theory #2.

The last few weeks my coach has transitioned me from doing miles to doing miles and speed training. Let me just say, I prefer the miles. A 3 hour bike ride, no problem, a 45 minute bike ride with 30 minutes at tempo, I dread.

And now for the weekly update:



You can see that there has been a flat-lining of sorts around 200 pounds. My take is that a combination of not posting to this blog, my scale not working and opportunities for eating excessive amounts created this break …


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