Week 65 – Ironman Training 1 : Peter Jackson 0

Last week was a brutal week of exercise.

There was 2.5 hours of biking and running on Monday, high intensity swim on Tuesday, high intensity biking on Wednesday, a 3 hour bike ride and half hour swim on Thursday and a two-hour run on Friday ending with a 1:10 swim on Sunday.

But that was actually ok. Not too bad really. What was brutal was trying to watch Peter Jackson’s the Hobbit: An unexpected journey.

When I did my three-hour bike ride, I had originally decided that it was an excellent opportunity to see the movie. I believe it’s the first time ever that a bike ride served as a distraction to a film.

The movie was slow, rambling and poorly paced. It felt like a bad Dungeons and Dragons module … where the characters have insane action sequences paused between silly asinine dialogue… Maybe a bad computer game. If this was metacritic the score would be 10%

The brutality of the experience was made bearable by my biking. Thank God for the pain and suffering of the bike ride otherwise I would have resented the time I had spent watching this movie…

This experience reminded me of the experience of watching JK Rawlings books explode in size over time.



In my mind I suspect her editor went from being able to edit her books to being able to advise her on possible spelling errors. As a result the books became these sprawling amazingly large tomes that were endless and a mess

Clearly Peter Jackson writes his own rules now … and like Rawlings could benefit from an editor.

Oh well…

On weight loss update

2014-04-18_2254At the end of the week I was crushed, scrunched, mauled.

And that turns out to be a good thing.

Because we decided to eat out a lot this week, and it was this endless barrage of “lose weight” while working out “put on weight after meal”.

Restaurants do two evil things:

  1. They use ridiculous portions
  2. They use a lot of sugar and fat

Let’s be clear, as a sugar and fat consuming machine the food is awesomely good, however, it truly and awesomely goes straight to my midsection…

We had this sushi roll that had greasy goodness wrapped in rice with some sugary sauce. Then we had this Chinese restaurant menu meal that was this amazing bowl of noodles ..

Suffice it to say the quantity was amazing as the tastiness. And I could not stop eating.

Somehow I still lost weight. But it took a lot of careful eating after eating tasty restaurant food!



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