Week 42 – down time

freeimage-203844-highI owe the world a race report. But I wanted to spend a moment talking about down time.

After having finished my first year of serious athletics: three marathons (athens 2012, napa valley, athens 2013), one olympic triathlon, and one half marathon, it’s time for me to take a break.

And that is a good thing. Because after last week’s epic marathon, I am physically wiped out. And my body’s way of telling me that is that by calling in sick. I mean *cough*, *hack* and *wheeze* sick.

This is a big shift from last year when I finished the Athens Marathon and turned right around to train for the Nevada Marathon. I think I pushed myself harder and longer this year. In fact, towards the end I was feeling done. Not kinda-done, but done and baked.

I was supposed to do some amount of physical activity this week but just breathing has been a chore.

More to be discussed in my race report…

Oh and I am starting my new job at Juniper Networks.

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