Week 40 – One last week of training

This week was the last week of serious training before a week of tapering and a massive effort to beat 5 hours on the Athens Marathon.

One of the nice things about being between jobs and being blessed with a reasonable amount of savings is that I can take some time off, and I did. One whole month.

I thought with all of this extra time training would be easy, because well I have no job…

Except that my wife and kid are way more fun than pounding the cement or sitting on a bicycle.

And this made me appreciate, just a little bit the life and times of professional athletes.

Being mentally disciplined to actually do the training is hard when it’s the only thing you have to do. There is always something way more fun to do at any point in time.

And then the eating becomes a mess.. When you don’t have a job, and you’re with your wife there is a temptation to eat out. And you meet friends for lunch and eat out. And before you know it you’re eating more than you ever did.

And because training is something I do for fun, being tired makes you feel guilty…

Well the good news I am going to Greece, going to do a marathon and then going back to a job … Something about real life intruding …


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