Morgan Hill Half Marathon Quick Report

There will, hopefully, be a longer version of this in a week.

The morgan hill half marathon can be visually described in the following manner. Take your left hand and and open it with the knuckles facing towards you. Fold all of your fingers such that only the first finger bone is showing. Now extend the index finger and stare at the visual.

The visual is worth a 1000 words or one spoken a 1000 times…

The half marathon has a long nasty climb from about 350 ish feet to 650 ish feet over 6 miles that then ends with a brutal knee destroying descent back to 350 in less than 2 miles.

My race plan was to go slow for the first half and then push hard for the second half. Not true to form I was able to to do exactly that. In fact, the first 3 miles were done at a 12 minute mile pace and the last three at a 9:38 mile pace. The last mile was done at an 8:48 mile pace… Not a bad negative split.

There were the usual set of amusing moments and funny stories to tell… I look forward to writing about them when there is more blood sugar in my brain. Right now all I can feel is the excruciating muscle fatigue …

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