Week 26 – I love my wetsuit

Last week I swam in the cold waters of Santa Cruz in my new wet suit.2013-07-25_0821

And boy was that fun.

One of the core challenges in swimming is keeping your posture correct. In particular, keeping those damn legs above your chest.


If the legs are below your chest, then they act as a water break.


So we have the endless drills where you push the buoy (your chest) down and try to keep those legs up…

But with the wet suit you get automatic correct posture. The buoyancy of the suit keeps your legs up, and your body floating on the top of the water… just right. And all you have to do is roll and pull…

And maybe it’s just the posture, but it feels like with every pull your body is moving faster than it ever did before…

In fact it’s so easy that I almost red-lined in the swim drill because I was pushing so hard…

Then later in the week I did my 2200 yard swim. And while I was dragging my sorry fat ass through the last 500 yards, I kept thing that this is sooooo much easier with a wet suit. And man, I want my wet suit. And can I please have my wet suit?


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