Week 16 – Back from Hawaii


Last week I went to Kauai. And I trained. I really did train. I ran twice. I swam in the ocean and I swam in a pool.

The picture above is me between feats of exercise and tourism.

Yes, I really did exercise.

In fact my first run was epic. I ran up and down the hills with my heart rate monitor under-reporting my heart rate. And so I kept pushing my poor body harder and harder.

My swim in the ocean was awesome. I swam 1500 meters in open water. It was more like 150 meters one way followed by 150 meters the other way, but still awesome-ly epic. Nothing like pushing your body in the open water.

And then my last run was a thing of beauty. An excellent pace, awesome form – nothing but the best.

Of course, no one will ever see that data. Because my GPS, once again, failed to record my awesome great athletic performance while on vacation. First it was the Garmin in Greece and now it is another Garmin in Hawaii. Actually, the Garmin 910xt successfully captured the data, but then – possibly because of the salt from the sea, it was unable to recharge successfully. Following useless advice on the internet, I hard reset the Garmin  only to discover that I had also deleted all of my data.

Damn you Garmin. Damn you to hell.

So everyone will look at the picture and conclude that I am lying hiding behind the excellent robustness and stability of the Garmin GPS …

For those that care… The solution to the problem was rubbing alcohol. Since I had no rubbing alcohol I used vodka. Strongly recommend vodka as a better choice because you have something to drink after the rubbing.

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